Behind the Scenes of the "FLYER" Photoshoot...

March 17, 2015

Location: Dallas City Hall 


Photographer: Cool Coalition Media 


Date: January 10, 2014


Creative Director(s): Bree Moore and Nimat Elmarsi 


Models: Desiree Gibbs and Malak Abdallahi 


Behind the scenes of the "FLYER" photoshoot... I wanted the flyer for the fashion show to be authentic and original. I was so proud of the finished product. The photos displays red, boldness, beauty, fashion and most of all, the city of Dallas. Due to the fact, the purpose of the fashion show is to bring awareness to the disease, Sickle Cell, the color red had to be the focal point for the photoshoot. My team and I executed the vision. Special thanks to the Dallas Police Department for stopping traffic, so we can capture the "million dollar" shot. Also, special thanks to Kyanat's Designer Boutique, our "hijabie" model looked amazing in your pieces. 














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