April 17, 2019


If you don't know, Bree Moore Productions have a partnership with the ACE After School Program in Desoto. We are currently planning the END OF THE SEMESTER Fashion Show. This fashion show will display garments made out of recycled items. We have gathered up...

April 4, 2019

 Blessings, Good People! 

Thank you Jojo Nelson for stopping by to record the newest podcast episode, “The Marathon continues”... 

Please go LISTENhttps://anchor.fm/bree-moor…/…/The-Marathon-Continues-e3kqn8


March 5, 2019

Hello Everyone! 

We will like to give a SHOUT OUT to GOOGLE for celebrating #BlackGirlsMagic! This is so DOPE, motivating and inspiring... Thank you Google for celebrating US, unapologetically! 

Make sure to leave a comment below! Most importantly, SHARE the video! 


January 24, 2019

Happy Thursday! 

This week's "JAM OF THE WEEK" is dedicated to the Dallas based rapper, Prep! If you like the flow make sure to LIKE, SHARE and leave a comment below. 

To follow PREP: @preppymusic

If you are an artist and will like for your music to be HEARD! Please send...

June 27, 2017

On June 11, 2017 at 3:00pm, "The Closet Sale" was born and delivered at Buzz Brews Deep Ellum. Dreams do come true! I wouldn't necessarily say I dreamed of having a closet sale. I just simply executed an idea, and made it reality. 

What is "The Closet Sale"? W...

May 30, 2014

INERD presented the exclusive spring collection at the Bree Moore Presents Fashion Show. I am a huge fan of INERD. I love the fit of the t-shirts and of course the unique logo that is plastered on the front. The team behind the brand is the most amazing people I have w...

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